Custom Designed Wire Jewelry

cross with easter lilies

Will be Closed on Easter Sunday.

I will be open Saturday.  I will have some more circlets.  What’s a circlet?

Also, I should be restocked with Spurs Charms and some new Western-themed charms.  I have added a couple of new crosses and connectors also.

Buy something this Saturday and get a free Bunny necklace, Bunny bracelet, or Bunny ring…….while quantities last.  These items are not suited for children under the age of 3.

New Merchandise is IN!  Come by and see the new stuff!

Monday the shipment of supplies arrived at my home.  I have spent many hours getting the items ready to bring to my store at Traders Village.  We have chains again!  YEAH!  We have charm bracelets again!  Hip Hip Hooray!   I also have more semiprecious pendants (amethyst, rose quartz, opalite, aventurine, goldstone, malachite).  They look great hanging off one of my stainless steel chains.  I also received some baseball caps and baseball bats charms.  Lots of semiprecious beads and crystals are here also.  I am REALLY excited about the polymer clay beads that resemble Easter eggs and acrylic flowers.  I am a little disappointed in the acrylic bunnies…..but you can’t have everything can you?  I am going to show you the items that I will be bringing to my space on Saturday.

semiprecious stones sead beads clasps chains bags of acrylic flowers



















A Riddle for You

What do you get when you cross some really cute polymer clay beads with some blingy-bling acrylic beads?  Click here for the answer.




Spring is getting closer.  Are you ready with some pastels and flowers for your jewelry making? I have acrylic flowers for you with more coming in the next few weeks.  I also have some pretty earring designs using acrylic flower.  I also have some circlets – chokers with lots of spring flowers.  Come and check them out.





suitcase with beads
Suitcases full of bead bargains




I now have a suitcase filled with beads that are on sale.  One suitcase contains a selection of some of my semi-precious stones.  Smaller beads are prices at $2 per strand OR 3 strands for $5.  8mm beads and chips are $3 or 2 strands for $5.




I am now located at Traders Village, 10th street, enclosed space #1057.  Check us out.

view of left side of store
As you walk down the left of the store you will see glass crystals, glass pearls, crackle glass beads, and lots and lots of charms.









I have a large selection of $10 and $20 items for gifts.  Come by and Check them out!

I am now located at Traders Village, 10th street, enclosed space #1057.  Check us out.
Take a quick look at my store.  I have made some changes since we opened in March.  Click here.