Custom Designed Wire Jewelry

Last weekend I purchased 4 cabinets from a vendor that was leaving Traders Village.

black cabinet on right wall


I will be repainting all of them.  Currently, I have painted just one of them.  I put the painted one on the right side wall with a bakers rack on top.   There is a second cabinet to the right of the one with the bakers rack.  I covered it with a table cloth until I paint it.  It is not visible in this picture.   Here is what it looked like.




outside cabinet with beads



One of the cabinets had a chrome shelf attached to the top.  I moved my crystals, magnasite, and howlite beads to the shelves.  Eventually this cabinet will be painted black also.   I will move it outside my space each day.  Here is what it looks like at the moment.


cabinet on left side with bakers rack



I took my last purchased cabinet and put it along the left side back wall.  I place another bakers rack on top of it.  It will be painted black in the near future.  I will put new purchases that need to be displayed in the store.  It is my ” to – do ” shelf.



Originally, I planned on putting two shelves on left and two shelves on the right.  The left side presents some real challenges.  The current display cases will overlap the edges too much for me. Also, a couple of years ago I put risers on my tables and then put the display cases on the tables.  With the extra height from the tables, most customers could not reach the findings displayed vertically.  I could barely reach them !  So I know from previous experience that I will need to re-think my findings display on that wall.

We are now located at Traders Village, 10th street, enclosed space #1057.  Check us out.