Today is October 10, 2020.  We will be closed today while I attend a memorial service for my niece.
We will be open tomorrow October 11, 2020.

Charms available

A customer e-mailed me recently and asked that I post pictures of the charms that I sale.  So here we go.

  • charms
  • charms
  • charms
  • charms
  • charms
  • charms
  • religious pendants and connectors
  • more religous pendants
  • more religous pendants
  • rosary parts and religous themed spaces
  • more charms
  • more spaces and connectors
  • larger crosses and medallions
  • more pendants
  • European Beads (large hole beads)
  • western themed charms and others
  • connectors and charms
  • letters, numbers, zodiac sign, birthstone
  • hearts and other types of charms
  • more charms

Custom Designed Wire Jewelry

image of 2 projects for Granados Jewelry Class

Look forward to teaching Jewelry Class this Thursday, January 11th at Granados Senior Center.  We will make these two bracelet sets.  What a fun way to start the New Year!

Last weekend I purchased 4 cabinets from a vendor that was leaving Traders Village.

black cabinet on right wall

I will be repainting all of them.  Currently, I have painted just one of them.  I put the painted one on the right side wall with a bakers rack on top.   There is a second cabinet to the right of the one with the bakers rack.  I covered it with a table cloth until I paint it.  It is not visible in this picture.   Here is what it looked like.

We are now located at Traders Village, 10th street, enclosed space #1057.  Check us out.