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2016 Castroville Market Days

Booth at Castroville Market Days

Saturday, June 11, 2016  I went to Castroville to participate in their Castroville Market Days  event.   I took a nice mix of custom made jewelry and jewelry making materials.  I sold a variety of items that day…..leather bracelets, Spurs bracelets, and many of my $20 custom necklaces.  The initial rings were also well received.  Charms and rosary making findings were the most popular jewelry making items that I sold.

Had a great time and met some REALLY nice and friendly people. Check out the pictures of my booth.


2 thoughts on “2016 Castroville Market Days

  1. Hi my name is Molly Meyer. Last Sunday I bought several items from you a Trader Village that includes 2 strings of glass beads that were half black and half clear, memory wire, long curved spacers that we had difficulty finding and a bag of spurs charms. The spur charms were 12 for $5.00.

    If I bought 60 charms, could you give me a better price?

    I know you don’t remember me, but my granddaughter was with me and yu showed me how to make the spurs bracelet with memory wire.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Thank you,

    1. Hopefully, you received my e-mail. Currently, I am not sure if I have 60 charms. I will check Friday when I go to TV to pay my monthly rent and get back to you. I can give you a small price break but not too much since my profit margin was rather low on this item. I sent you the information about the wholesaler that I use for this item. That might be your best bet to order directly from them since you want a larger quantity.

      I do remember you since I had such a hard time finding those darn tube spacers.

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