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Beads and Charms are HERE!

Charms and Beads have arrived!

The Fed-Ex truck arrived at my house with boxes filled with beads and charms on Monday.  The fed-ex man delivered three VERY heavy stuffed-to-the-max boxes.  I was delighted.  Unpacking and checking for items ordered began.  It took a while since this was a very large order.

Couple of odd things …..a kilo bag of bunnies escaped and were at the bottom of the first box.  YIKES!

picture of bottom of box of beads and charms
These bunnies escaped from their kilogram bag.


Fortunately, that was the only calamity in the first box of goodies.






sharks and turtles charm at bottom of box of beads and charms


The second box had some shark charms and turtle charms out of their bags.  WATCH OUT TURTLES!  SHARKS!  Nothing was harmed in this box.





The third box had everyone in their place.

After two days of counting and grouping—- everything was present and accounted for.

another view of new shipment of beads and charms newshipment1 of beads and charms newshipment2 of beads and charms newshipment3 of beads and charms newshipmentcomplete of beads and charms




















I am bringing some lampwork pumpkins, more halloween charms, a variety of other charms, and some halloween beads on Saturday to the market.  On Sunday I will bring more beads and charms— a great selection of cracked glass and some more semi-precious stones.  I also have some beautiful beads to use when you make decorative flowers for your jewelry.  Can’t wait for you to see all the new merchandise.

Come by this weekend to see me at #1057 at Traders Village San Antonio

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