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New Beads and Charms

New Beads and Charms are HERE!

Box one of two arrived early Tuesday afternoon. I spend the rest of the day checking the invoice and getting the beads ready to sell this weekend.   The box was filled with new beads and charms.  I am impatiently waiting for box 2.  It is filled with more charms and beads.

Take a look at the new arrivals.

clear crackle glass 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
Three sizes of clear crackle glass: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm


I went a little wild when I re-ordered the clear crackle glass.  BUT it is so versatile in making bracelets and necklaces.  I find myself using the crackle glass instead of faceted crystals.  It has a smooth exterior but still sparkles like crystals.  All of these beads are $2 per strand.  Remember these strands like the glass pearls that I sell  are 30 inch lengths.




turquoise large chips and more crackle glass

I also ordered lots of the black and clear crackle glass.  Many of you have discovered that it works great for SPURS-themed jewelry.  These beads are $2 per strand.  Remember these strands like the glass pearls are 30 inch lengths.

The REAL turquoise chips are great for western themed items.  These are the large chips (sometimes called nuggets) and they are 30 inch lengths.  I only have 10 strands of these.  I will be selling them for $4 per strand.  Come and get yours before I sell out.


more crystals

I ordered many different colors of 8mm glass crystals including all silver, silver and black bi-colored, gold and silver bi-colored.  I also am waiting for box to with bi-colored red and gold plus other Christmas colors.  These beads are $2 per strand.  Remember these strands like the glass pearls are 30 inch lengths.




crystal drips and more crystals

I ordered a mixed selection of crystal drops.  They are perfect for making earrings and also make REALLY cute angels.  These drops are  11 mm by 9 mm and each strand is 15 inches in length.  I have a variety of colors and 4 to 5 strands in each color.  These beads will be $3 per strand.





What’s a bead order without charms!  I have large fish hook charms.  I think they will work for leather bracelets and necklaces.  Also, many of my customers have asked for anchors and double angel wings.  I now have both.  In addition to these, I found a REALLY CUTE Santa in a sleigh with a present dangle.  That was too cute to pass up.  As always my charms are 25 cents each.



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Jewelry Booth Ready for Lytle Show

Jewelry Booth is READY

Jim and I went to Lytle earlier today.  We could set up our space at the Lytle Community Center between 10 am and 2 pm.  The booth space was 8 ft by 10 ft but it seemed smaller.  I used one six foot table and my four foot collapsible baker’s rack.  The baker’s rack is a really easy way to get LOTS of VERTICAL space at a craft show.  Also, the rack is easy to transport.

How I used my Baker’s Rack for this show.

I used the side with three shelves to display necklaces.  The top shelf was used to show my more expensive items.  The next two shelves were covered with $20 items.  The table space below the bottom shelf housed $10 items.


Baker's Rack with Jewelry on shelves
Top shelf showcases higher end items. Next two shelves are used to display $20 items. Space in front of rack on the table displays $10 items.

For this show I used the back side of the rack to hang various chains that I was selling.  Also, I displayed a picture of my storefront at the local flea market where I sell beads, jewelry making items, and custom jewelry.  I filled the remaining space on the table with more $5 and $10 items.

Back side of Baker's Rack is used for display area also.
For this show I used the back side of the baker’s rack to display various chain necklaces that I was selling. I also put various $5 and $10 items. If I attend a show where I am also selling beads, I often hang my strands of beads from the back of the baker’s rack.

I have always used the left and right side of the baker’s rack to display themed jewelry.  Sometimes I will showcase my leather work, my rosaries, or seasonal items.  This time I displayed Halloween themed items on one side and Christmas themed items on the other side.   I try to have most of my seasonal items very reasonably priced.  The Halloween themed earrings are $3 pair or 2 pair for $5 and they are displayed in little coffins that I found at a dollar store.  The Christmas earrings are placed in a holiday tin.  Higher priced earrings and ornaments are hung on the metal trees.  These holiday items range in price from $3 to $5.  I have a variety of $10 holiday bracelets spattered around the metal trees and tins.

side of bakers rack with Halloween items.
Creepy Spiders hang out on the side of the baker’s rack. Earrings are in the coffins and other items are arranged on the table.
side of baker's rack that shows Christmas items
Two metal trees have hand made earrings and angel ornaments. Christmas tins are filled with holiday earrings. Other holiday items are displayed in the area.


Collapsible baker’s racks are great for displaying  merchandise in a small space.

















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Beaded Spiders for Halloween

Say BOO! with Beaded Spiders

Beaded Spiders are very popular as holiday ornaments.  Most jewelry makers are making them for Christmas.  I am making them for Halloween decorations.  Small ones can be used as focals with ribbon necklaces or simple chains.  They can dangle from mirrors and lampshades in your home.  I am using memory wire with my beaded spiders to create a dangling web and then they can be used for suncatchers this fall.  Take a look at my designs.


beaded spider with spurs colors includes web
This beaded spider LOVES his Spurs!
Heart shaped body gives this beaded spider its name
The Love Spider has quite a bite!
collection of small and large beaded spiders
Small spiders—orange spiders—–black spiders—-all kinds of spiders











I visited several sites that discussed how to make beaded spiders.  Most had a cute story that went with the Christmas holidays (why we have tinsel on our trees).  Here is how I adapted all of these tutorials.  Here are some of the tutorials that I bookmarked.

Spider Tutorial #1   I tried this one and I did not care for the wrapping of 4 leg wires and working them thru the filigree bead cap.  It was too cumbersome for me.

Spider Tutorial #2  This tutorial will show you how to make a spider without using a headpin.  Instead of making 2 eyes for the spider you can make a wrapped loop for attaching the spider to something.  Also put small bead in center of wire for body and thread both wires thru two parts for body.  I originally make the two eyes and used rosettes at tail but I liked my adaptation better.

Spider Tutorial #3  I liked this one the best.  It was my main resource.

How I did my beaded spiders

First….. I found it easiest to use a long headpin to make the body.  You can use sturdy (20 gauge) piece of wire and wrap to make the body.  I made a wrapped loop at the front to attach to the memory wire.

The trickiest part is the legs.  Use thinner wire and cut 4 equal lengths.  Take a pair of wires and twist them in the center.  Then take this twisted wire and wrap it tightly between the head bead and body bead.  Pull VERY hard like you are trying to tie a shoe lace REALLY tight.  Repeat this with the other pair of wires.  Spread the wires out so that you have 4 on each side.  Despite all of your efforts it is likely that some legs are shorter than others.  Don’t stress.  Check the legs and first bead the shortest leg of your spider using any pattern of your choice.  I found small round beads and bugle beads worked the best.   The addition of the round beads give you some flexibility in bending the legs WITHOUT wire showing.   Leave enough space at the end to make a small coil.   I always started with a small round bead and wedged it between head and body.   The pattern that you made for your first leg will be the pattern and number for all of your other legs.  You will be tempted to start shaping the legs to look like spider legs.  If you can—wait until you have beaded all of the legs.

Next bead a length of memory wire (about 3 or 4 circles) and attach one end of the memory wire to the wrapped loop at the head of the spider.

Some of my spiders were not heavy enough to pull down the memory wire.  To fix this, I made a spider web.

Here is tutorial I used for web.  I only used step one of this tutorial.  Spider Web Tutorial

Cut 4 lengths of 20 or heavier gauge wire.  Cut the wire long enough so the web and spider will be proportional.  Wrap the wire in the center and fan the wire out to look like a web.  Now get a long length of thinner wire.  Wrap some in the center and then work your way to the outside.  Wrap once around a wire then go the the next and wrap then the next and wrap and continue until you are at the edge.  Make rosette at end of each wire.

Attach your spider to the web you just made using the spider leg coils.  I liked mine off center but it’s your spider…do what you want.  Attach the memory wire to one of the rosettes of the web.


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Light Box for Taking Pictures of Jewelry

I saw a post on  about making your own light box and how to use it.  I then searched the web for several options.  Next I took my spin on it.  I used artist canvasses and led lamp and wood clamps to secure it.  It disassembles easily.  So far I am pleased with the difference in my pictures.  I still get a “line” where the edges meet.  But I am okay with that at the present.  I will experiment with using white cloth flowing from back to minimize the “lines”.

Take a look at these pictures.  I am including my light box and some pictures I took this afternoon using it.