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Turquoise Jewelry for PowWow

single stranded turquoise and onyx necklaces
here are few of my turquoise and onyx necklaces that I made for Pow Wow
skull rosaries for day of dead
I created these large skull rosaries for Dia De Los Muertos altars.











Here are some turquoise items that I created for Pow Wow two weeks ago.  I have been too busy to post them.  I also made two special rosaries for Day of Dead.

I enjoyed making the simple necklaces.  I had not done many single stranded necklaces recently.  It was fun getting back to the basics.  Also, working on the turquoise, onyx, carved lava beads to create unique designs was fun for me.

I had many complements on these pieces.


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Jewelry Booth Ready for Lytle Show

Jewelry Booth is READY

Jim and I went to Lytle earlier today.  We could set up our space at the Lytle Community Center between 10 am and 2 pm.  The booth space was 8 ft by 10 ft but it seemed smaller.  I used one six foot table and my four foot collapsible baker’s rack.  The baker’s rack is a really easy way to get LOTS of VERTICAL space at a craft show.  Also, the rack is easy to transport.

How I used my Baker’s Rack for this show.

I used the side with three shelves to display necklaces.  The top shelf was used to show my more expensive items.  The next two shelves were covered with $20 items.  The table space below the bottom shelf housed $10 items.


Baker's Rack with Jewelry on shelves
Top shelf showcases higher end items. Next two shelves are used to display $20 items. Space in front of rack on the table displays $10 items.

For this show I used the back side of the rack to hang various chains that I was selling.  Also, I displayed a picture of my storefront at the local flea market where I sell beads, jewelry making items, and custom jewelry.  I filled the remaining space on the table with more $5 and $10 items.

Back side of Baker's Rack is used for display area also.
For this show I used the back side of the baker’s rack to display various chain necklaces that I was selling. I also put various $5 and $10 items. If I attend a show where I am also selling beads, I often hang my strands of beads from the back of the baker’s rack.

I have always used the left and right side of the baker’s rack to display themed jewelry.  Sometimes I will showcase my leather work, my rosaries, or seasonal items.  This time I displayed Halloween themed items on one side and Christmas themed items on the other side.   I try to have most of my seasonal items very reasonably priced.  The Halloween themed earrings are $3 pair or 2 pair for $5 and they are displayed in little coffins that I found at a dollar store.  The Christmas earrings are placed in a holiday tin.  Higher priced earrings and ornaments are hung on the metal trees.  These holiday items range in price from $3 to $5.  I have a variety of $10 holiday bracelets spattered around the metal trees and tins.

side of bakers rack with Halloween items.
Creepy Spiders hang out on the side of the baker’s rack. Earrings are in the coffins and other items are arranged on the table.
side of baker's rack that shows Christmas items
Two metal trees have hand made earrings and angel ornaments. Christmas tins are filled with holiday earrings. Other holiday items are displayed in the area.


Collapsible baker’s racks are great for displaying  merchandise in a small space.

















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Beads and Charms are HERE!

Charms and Beads have arrived!

The Fed-Ex truck arrived at my house with boxes filled with beads and charms on Monday.  The fed-ex man delivered three VERY heavy stuffed-to-the-max boxes.  I was delighted.  Unpacking and checking for items ordered began.  It took a while since this was a very large order.

Couple of odd things …..a kilo bag of bunnies escaped and were at the bottom of the first box.  YIKES!

picture of bottom of box of beads and charms
These bunnies escaped from their kilogram bag.


Fortunately, that was the only calamity in the first box of goodies.






sharks and turtles charm at bottom of box of beads and charms


The second box had some shark charms and turtle charms out of their bags.  WATCH OUT TURTLES!  SHARKS!  Nothing was harmed in this box.





The third box had everyone in their place.

After two days of counting and grouping—- everything was present and accounted for.

another view of new shipment of beads and charms newshipment1 of beads and charms newshipment2 of beads and charms newshipment3 of beads and charms newshipmentcomplete of beads and charms




















I am bringing some lampwork pumpkins, more halloween charms, a variety of other charms, and some halloween beads on Saturday to the market.  On Sunday I will bring more beads and charms— a great selection of cracked glass and some more semi-precious stones.  I also have some beautiful beads to use when you make decorative flowers for your jewelry.  Can’t wait for you to see all the new merchandise.

Come by this weekend to see me at #1057 at Traders Village San Antonio

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My Custom Designed Wire Jewelry

Custom Designed Wire Jewelry

I am going to tell you a little history about my wire jewelry.

In 2007, I retired as a public educator.  I had two priorities with retirement ……. no morning alarm clocks unless absolutely necessary and to learn how to do any thing that peaked my interest.  I now had something that I had not had previously……….time to explore and learn things just for me.  In 2008, I attended a local craft show. I saw a wire crochet necklace for the first time.

I was determined to learn how to make that type of necklace.  Thus began my adventures with jewelry design.  My adventures led to many, MANY wire creations…..

you can only wear so many ….you can only gift so many.  I had to find a venue for all of my creations or cut back on my jewelry making.  In 2012 I started on  my second great adventure …… selling my jewelry.  Originally, I went to Traders Village, a local flea market, and sold my necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.  Two tables with all my goodies.

picture of my first display





Over the past few years that has expanded to 6-7 tables loaded with beads, pewter charms, findings, and my custom work.

Three hours to set up all of my items each morning…….three hours to take down each evening.  I did this every weekend.  It became too tedious and stressful for me.   I am now embarking on another adventure at the flea market… enclosed space.  I arrive and open the door…..when I leave I close the door……WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  I am slowly converting this space to my needs.  I will show pictures as I progress.