About Us


How my jewelry making began …….

In the next few paragraphs I am going to share my jewelry making journey with you.

In 2007, I retired as a public educator.  I had two priorities with retirement ……. no morning alarm clocks unless absolutely necessary and to learn how to do any thing that peaked my interest.  I now had something that I had not had previously……….time to explore and learn things just for me.  In 2008, I attended a local craft show. I saw a wire crochet necklace for the first time.

I was determined to learn how to make that type of necklace.  Thus began my adventures with jewelry design.  My adventures led to many, MANY wire creations…..

you can only wear so many ….you can only gift so many.  I had to find a venue for all of my creations or cut back on my jewelry making.  In 2012 I started on  my second great adventure …… selling my jewelry.  Originally, I went to Traders Village, a local flea market, and sold my necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.  Two tables with all my goodies.

picture of my first display





Eventually, I started selling beads, findings, and charms.  Over the past few years that has expanded to 6-7 tables loaded with beads, pewter charms, findings, and my custom work.

Three hours to set up all of my items each morning…….three hours to take down each evening.  I did this every weekend.   It became too tedious and stressful for me.   I am now embarking on another adventure at the flea market…..an enclosed space.  I arrive and open the door…..when I leave I close the door……WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  I am slowly converting this space to my needs.  I will show pictures as I progress.

How did I learn my jewelry making skills…..

I learned many of my skills from Blanca Gonzalez, owner of Beads In Wonderland and a VERY creative jewelry designer.  I worked at Beads in Wonderland as an instructor(about 2 years) and as sales person (around 4 years).  I recently cut back on my hours at the store and now spend  my time working on items for my store at Traders Village and creating my own jewelry.  I also scour the web for design ideas and methods.

Currently, my time and efforts are spent on my store at Traders’ Village.  However, I am going to venture out to some other venues in the near future.  Most venues that I attend will have to be on weekdays since I need to service my customers at Traders Village on the weekends.