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New Beads and Charms

New Beads and Charms are HERE!

Box one of two arrived early Tuesday afternoon. I spend the rest of the day checking the invoice and getting the beads ready to sell this weekend.   The box was filled with new beads and charms.  I am impatiently waiting for box 2.  It is filled with more charms and beads.

Take a look at the new arrivals.

clear crackle glass 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
Three sizes of clear crackle glass: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm


I went a little wild when I re-ordered the clear crackle glass.  BUT it is so versatile in making bracelets and necklaces.  I find myself using the crackle glass instead of faceted crystals.  It has a smooth exterior but still sparkles like crystals.  All of these beads are $2 per strand.  Remember these strands like the glass pearls that I sell  are 30 inch lengths.




turquoise large chips and more crackle glass

I also ordered lots of the black and clear crackle glass.  Many of you have discovered that it works great for SPURS-themed jewelry.  These beads are $2 per strand.  Remember these strands like the glass pearls are 30 inch lengths.

The REAL turquoise chips are great for western themed items.  These are the large chips (sometimes called nuggets) and they are 30 inch lengths.  I only have 10 strands of these.  I will be selling them for $4 per strand.  Come and get yours before I sell out.


more crystals

I ordered many different colors of 8mm glass crystals including all silver, silver and black bi-colored, gold and silver bi-colored.  I also am waiting for box to with bi-colored red and gold plus other Christmas colors.  These beads are $2 per strand.  Remember these strands like the glass pearls are 30 inch lengths.




crystal drips and more crystals

I ordered a mixed selection of crystal drops.  They are perfect for making earrings and also make REALLY cute angels.  These drops are  11 mm by 9 mm and each strand is 15 inches in length.  I have a variety of colors and 4 to 5 strands in each color.  These beads will be $3 per strand.





What’s a bead order without charms!  I have large fish hook charms.  I think they will work for leather bracelets and necklaces.  Also, many of my customers have asked for anchors and double angel wings.  I now have both.  In addition to these, I found a REALLY CUTE Santa in a sleigh with a present dangle.  That was too cute to pass up.  As always my charms are 25 cents each.



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